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Meet the leading producers who are redefining the world of wines; by bringing the distinctive Brazilian flair. Brazil is currently the fifth largest producer of wine in the southern hemisphere and its producers have gained recognition and international awards for their premium labels, with special emphasis on sparkling wine.

At Uncork Brazil, we are proud to work closely with these visionary winemakers.


Miolo Winery

In 1897, the Italian immigrant Giuseppe Miolo arrived to Brazil and bought a wonderful property in the south of Brazil. This farm was called Lot 43 and was located in the middle of what we know today as Vale dos Vinhedos. The family founded the modern winery and Miolo brand in 1990. In that relatively short period of time, Miolo has positioned itself as the preeminent premium producer in the Brazilian wine industry. Miolo has won more than 200 international awards in the last 5 years. 

Miolo was already present on the US market but looking to expand their distribution channels. Our team successfully negotiated a multi-year deal with a leading US importer, for private label distribution in top US wine retail chains.



Vinicola Campos de Cima

Familial winery of 16 hectares. Two years ago, they decided to work with a French winemaker, Michel Fabre, who is producing wines in France, in his winery “La Croix de Saint Jean”. He brought with him an extensive knowledge of the South America Terroir: having already worked in Mendoza and other regions. From 2012, he changed the cultural process of the winery and we are proud to offer to you our new still wines and sparkling wines. Top awards include 2015 Decanter Silver medal, International world  challenge silver medal, Brussels-Brasil 2014 silver medal. 

Available in Europe but not yet exported in the US, our team was brought in to elaborate a market-entry strategy with specific focus on distribution in niche wine boutiques and high-end restaurants.



Vinhetica: Fair Trade Wine

Vinhetica is above all, the dream of a Frenchman, wishing to elaborate his own wine and develop his vinification in Brazil. The fundamental vision consists of the subtle use of French traditions; on Brazilian soil. It is fortunate that through their passion, the “savoir-faire” exercised in French wineries and respect for sustainable development, they have been able to elaborate wines with strong characteristics of the Campanha Gaúcha, region propitious for Rosé and Red wines. The Vinhetica project is founded on three pillars of sustainable development: environmental conscious, social justice and economic viability. 

Looking to branch out beyond their Brazilian audience,  we assisted in building branding and marketing campaigns to increase awareness of their brand and vision.



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