Some intro about working with both wineries, importers and investors.


Export Strategy

Winery looking to export globally?  Exporter and distributor looking to expand their portfolio and offer Brazilian wines?

Our focus is to establish strategic partnerships to enable exportation opportunities and international business development. We help our client wineries achieve distribution in premium retail channels.

Our consulting services include:

  • Market entry consultancy
  • Lead generation
  • Business development analysis
  • Optimized Pricing & negotiation strategy
  • Legal & Regulatory support
Marketing & Branding

Creating and raising brand awareness for Brazilian wines is our driving force.

By designing marketing campaigns, we help you build an engaged audience; an international clientele eager to discover and experience Brazil's wine regions and become brand ambassadors!

Our consulting services include: 

  • Magazine & PR kit
  • Brand editorial exposure
  • Wine review features



Investor Opportunity

In this ever-evolving business climate, we help investors navigate the plethora of investment framework and opportunities. 

Brazil continues to maintain its position as a top Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) recipient. This has enabled the wine industry and its producers to become more competitive in international markets and attract foreign investors. Among the growing segments in wine investment, Brazil is quickly establishing itself as an ideal destination for Vineyard real estate investment¹.

Real-estate: project: Terroir Vinhedos [coming 2016]

¹You own the vines, land, and estate home. A highly qualified onsite team organizes the planting, maintenance and ultimately the production of your own private label wine or arrange the sale of your grapes to a local winery.